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LOCALAGRO.COM Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Local Agro - Agriculture Business Platform

Local Agro is an international agricultural business platform designed for local food market participants and equipped with a wide range of communication and search tools that provide a full range of services for business relations.
The platform based on blockchain technologies and designed to simplify business processes and cut out the middlemen between the food producer and consumer.


PreICO Stage is ongoing! Ends on March 31, 2020

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We accept: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and USDC

A platform developed by professionals for professionals

We created our Agricultural Business Platform to assist local food producers to connect with buyers from all over the World without intermediaries.

Our mission is to build direct relationships between agro-producers and consumers, using the latest technology.

The LocalAgro platform is based on blockchain technologies designed to transform the oldest businesses into smart and digital business models.

Local agro Business

Business Community

LOCALAGRO Community provide all the functions of a Modern Social Network tuned to the requests of Agribusiness

Tablet and Mobile Apps

Tablet and Mobile Apps

Platform is fully oriented to the mobility of business processes and offers for its users the comfortable and easy mobile and Tab Applications

Search & Geopositioning

Platform offers for Community Users the intellegent solutions for the advanced search with Geopositioning

Investment Prospects

Investment Prospects

Business model of LOCALAGRO Platform has all the features of high profitable Investing Instrument and guarantees the real income

Market Analysis

Agriculture Market Overview

Food drives the world! 
Agriculture is an industry with a total volume of over 8.7 trillion dollars, and it is growing.

If current population growth trends continue, by 2050, the demand for calories will increase by 70 percent, and the demand for crops for human consumption and animal feed will increase by at least 100 percent.

According to leading expert agencies, the agro-industrial complex accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s GDP and its volume is constantly growing. According to the cost of produced food and the volume of investments, the agro-industrial market ranks first among the macroeconomic complexes of most developed countries.

In the next 10 years, the agricultural trade in the world expected to continue to grow steadily. As a result, the impact of the trade on the level and nature of food security will increase in all regions of the World.



The Global agricultural industry volume in 2018



Agro-industrial complex accounts for more than a quarter of World GDP



Demands for crops for human consumption and animal feed will increase at least 100 percent

Based on the Agricultural Market Researches

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

LOCALAGRO is an international agricultural business platform designed for local food market participants
and equipped with a wide range of communication and search tools. 

Our Platform aims to provide a full range of services for business relations. The platform based on blockchain technologies
and designed to simplify business processes and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries.

Platform Applications

The Great Apps and DApps

The applications developed by our team take into account all the needs of professional participants in the agricultural market. Design and software created for the LOCALAGRO platform will be tested directly by community members and make it easy and simple to conduct business without reference to an office or a desktop computer. 







Tablet Application

Mini Office in your hands

The tablet application developed by our programmers and designers will allow you to manage all the processes associated with the organization of the business process from anywhere in the world, from the preparation of the contract to the payment process.

At its core, a tablet equipped with the LOCALAGRO application will become a mini-office and a bank for a member of our community.



The Business Community, based on the LOCALAGRO.COM website, is the key foundation of the platform. It has all the necessary tools for organizing a business, communicating, exchanging experience and knowledge among participants.

The software on the basis of which the community is built supports the whole range of functions, a modern model of a social network. From creating your own business pages and groups to embedded messaging and multimedia downloads.

The LOCALAGRO community is equipped with full functionality for interacting with existing external social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn, which allows increasing the efficiency of disseminating information about goods and services offered on the LOCALAGRO platform and, accordingly, expanding the circle of interaction of entrepreneurs to the world level.

The data below on the current LOCALAGRO channels in existing social networks show the starting positions from which the development process of our platform will begin

LAC Coin Details

LAC Coin Specification

The LAC coin (generated as ERC-20 Token) during the ICO will be  fixed in USD$:
1 LAC = 0.1 USD$.

LAC will be sold exclusively within the LOCALAGRO platform on ICO. LAC can be purchased for:


The LAC coins will be sold on through our platform only to avoid price manipulation. Once ICO is completed, we plan to list the LAC Coins on DEX.

Restricted Countries:

Afghanistan, Crimea, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, USA, Yemen

Local Agro Coin

Total Amount

100.000.000 LAC


Ethereum (ERC-20)

Coin Symbol


Soft Cap

1.000.000 US$

Hard Cap

5.300.000 US$

Coin Price

1 LAC = 0.10 US$

LAC Coin Sales Stages

LAC Coins Sales during the ICO planned in 3 stages:

Private Sale

Coins for sale: 10.000.000 LAC

Discount: 60%

Dates: November 01 - February 29, 2020

Pre Sale (PreICO)

Coins for sale: 10.000.000 LAC

Discount: 50%

Dates: March 01, 2020 - March 31, 2020

Main Sale (ICO)

Coins for sale: 55.000.000 LAC

Discount: 3 TIERS - 30%, 20%, 10%

Dates: April 01, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Main Sale TIERS:

  • TIER 1 (April 01 – June 30, 2020) Discount 30% - 15000000 Coins for Sale
  • TIER 2 (July 01 – October 31, 2020) Discount 20% - 25000000 Coins for Sale
  • TIER 3 (November 01 – December 31, 2020) Discount 10% - 15000000 Coins for Sale
Allocation Details

Localagro (LAC) Coins & Funds Allocation

Coins Allocation


Funds Allocation

Agriculture Debit Card


As the project develops based on the preliminary agreements reached with one of the European banks, the LocalAgro platform will significantly expand the capabilities of its payment system and plans to issue two types of plastic debit cards for members of the community.

Using these cards community members will be able to use cash withdrawal services in fiat currencies, payment services, and LAC transfers between card and account holders at the partner bank.



We started developing the LocalAgro project back in 2017, when our team found out there were no tools available to navigate the agricultural market. The light bulb went off, and the team started building a platform to close the gap between food producers and consumers.
Over this time, a test version of the LocalAgro platform (MVP) was created, that reflects studies, models and principal to bring the LocalAgro platform to a new level.

  • Q1-2017

    Q1 - Q2 2018

    development of the platform prototype (MVP) LocAlagro.com and its main components;

  • Q3 - Q4 2018

    creation and development of a system of channels on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, Vkontakte, Pinterest;

  • Q1 - 2019

    development of the structure and design of the website and mobile applications;

  • Q2 - 2019

    preparation of the concept of the platform project and the ICO scheme, market analysis and identification of the main development priorities of the platform;

  • Q3 - Q1 - 2020

    preparing and conducting a private sale (Private Sale) campaign;

  • Q2 - Q4 2020

    conducting the main sale of LAC coins (ICO), development of the structure and design of mobile applications for iOS and Android

  • Q4 - 2020

    development of platform software, payment systems, all security systems, mobile applications and their integration;

  • Q4 - 2020

    placement of the main and auxiliary platform servers in the USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia, selection and training of community managers and organization of a business process scheme;

  • Q1 - 2021

    full-scale test launch of the platform in the USA, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Tunisia to determine priorities and eliminate possible shortcomings based on the constant study of requests from the members of the community;

  • Q2 - 2021

    conducting advertising and marketing campaigns on social networks, specialized media, as well as participation in leading agricultural exhibitions to gain new active members for the community;

  • Q3 - 2021

    access to the project's planned development indicators. Community growth - at least 10,000 users per month. Increase in the number of transactions - at least 100 per month;

  • Q4 - 2021

    access to full self-sufficiency of the project and starting the development of additional services, including the development and implementation of mechanisms for various charitable programs;

  • Q1 - 2022

    preparation and posting of a full report on the platform's activities based on the results of work in 2020-2021 with an indication of statistical and financial information for familiarization to all community members and investors;


    Sign Up and earn up to

    USD0 in LAC


    LocalAgro.io Airdrop and Referral Campaigns

    Time left until the end of the campaign:


    We offer all participants of the agricultural market to take part in the AIRDROP campaign, during which we plan to distribute 

    3 million LAC (equivalent to 300 thousand US dollars)

    100 LAC Coins will be assigned to the accounts of new verified members of the ICO website (localagro.io) and Community website (localagro.com).

    Each participant during the campaign will be able to increase the number of free coins in his account up to 1.000LAC if he takes an active part in attracting new users to the ICO website (using the referral program). In addition, all real participants of the agricultural market will be able to earn extra money in LAC coins (up to 10.000LAC) for posting their offers on the LOCALAGRO.COM platform and actively participating in its own referral program.

    3M LAC

    3M LAC in Airdrop

    will be distributed among our new ICO website and Platform Community Members during the Airdrop and Referral Campaigns


    Up to1000 LAC Coins

    you can earn participating the LocalAgro.io Airdrop and Referral Campaigns wich will take place during 2 month

    10000 LAC

    Up to 10000 LAC Coins

    you can earn participating the LocalAgro.com Airdrop and Referral Campaigns wich will take place during 10 month


    Core Team and Advisors

    Main Agriculture Trends in Media

    Current Keystone Trends in Agriculture Business

    As one of the biggest industries that have a tremendous direct impact for the growing population, the agriculture industry has experienced a fair share of new technology advancements, changes in processes, infrastructure, and sustainability.

    Taking Aim At Big Ag

    As Walmart Inc, Amazon.com, Inc. and other e-giants battle for dominance in the online grocery wars, a growing number of tech-enabled startups are taking a different tactic, aiming to disrupt the conventional food supply chain by using logistics platforms to connect shoppers directly with local farmers and producers.

    Six trends shaping the future of farming and ranching

    Farmers and ranchers have long been known for adapting and innovating, but new research challenges whether they are looking deep enough over the horizon to really win in the future. "There are six forces of change in the industry that are pretty compelling,"

    Blockchain in agriculture: Why tracing a mango to its source in 2.2 seconds matters!

    Ag producers are deeply committed to providing the world with safe, quality food. It comes as no surprise that there has been a consistent rise in the number of conversations about using blockchain technology in agriculture and the food supply chain. 

    Can Blockchain Deliver Value Beyond Hype for Farmers?

    Blockchain technology has moved from concept to reality, becoming something of a buzzword in the process. The real question is: can blockchain move beyond the hype and deliver real value for farmers and producers in the near term? 

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    We will post information about our project on the leading rating platforms so that potential investors could get an assessment of independent experts and thus form their opinion on our project

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    Aricles from LOCALAGRO Blog

    Here we publish announcements of the latest articles from our blog, in which we describe the main features of our ICO and give answers to some questions asked by site visitors and potential investors of the LOCALAGRO project


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